TON Loyalty Bux

How Do I get Loyalty Bux?
• "Refer a Friend" to the Town of Norwood Broadband and earn TON Bux. The TON Bux amount is determined by the number of services the subscriber signs up for. Up to $50 per service.
• Town Loyalty Membership Anniversary. - 5 Years.
• Special Events & Promotions

How does it work?
• Whomever was issued the TON Bux (original owner) must redeem their Loyalty Bux at any participating Loyalty Bux Business.
• Any other owner of TON Bux can redeem their Loyalty Bux at Town of Norwood Broadband.
• The Original Owner cannot redeem their Loyalty Bux at Town of Norwood Broadband.

The TON Bux Loyalty Stream
Denominations - $10.00 $25.00

An example would be:
1) $50 TON Bux issued to John Norwood as "Refer-a-Friend" Referer.
2) John redeems $50 TON Bux for dinner at Loyalty Restaurant.
3) Loyalty Restaurant redeems $50 TON Bux at Loyalty Florist.
4) Loyalty Florist redeems $50 TON Bux at Town of Norwood Broadband.

In this scenario, the original $50 TON Bux that was issued created an additional $100 of TON Bux business among loyalty members.

Your Loyalty Pays


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